Nathan's Gift List
Last update: May 26, 2018


-adidas flip flops
- nike or adidas shoes for running (track) size 9
Shirts - mens sport shirts LARGE slim fit
Zipper sweaters with hood size lARGE men's
Favorite colors: blue, yellow, black, red
adidas etc.:  shirts climate control wear colors bright yellow,blue  slim fit
addidas sweat pants - mens lg? slim fit and baggy

Games PS4: 
Dark souls 3

Mens 12+ speed bicycle
New screen for Phone
Laser Pointer
White Board Markers
skipping rope
Apple ear buds
portable iphone charger

Freegoing outdoor waterproof sport bluetooth speaker(Amazon)
Philips norelco oneblade

Other things I kinda want;
batteries AAA/AA

Gift Cards
Sony PS Plus 1 year membership