Nathan's Gift List
Last update: Dec 10, 2018

Please contact Michelle to remove items from the list.that are intended to be purchased.

Shirts - mens sport shirts LARGE slim fit
Zipper sweatshirt with hood size LARGE men's
Favorite colors: blue, yellow, black, red
adidas etc.:  shirts climate control wear colors bright yellow,blue  slim fit
addidas sweat pants - mens lg? slim fit and baggy
-adidas flip flops (mens size 9)<>
Mens 12+ speed bicycle
High quality bike light
Right ear bud for apple air pods (lost it) - can get it ait Markham Apple Store
Laser Pointer
skipping rope for workouts
nike water bottle
cologne (like Axe body spray)
sleep mask to keep out light
playing cards bycle standard deck x 5
umbrella (huge, black or red) llike golf umbrella
Philips norelco oneblade
Weights - 2 of each - these are most important
    - 30 pound dumb bells
    - 40 pound dumb bells
    - 50 pound dumb bells
    - 60 pound dumb bells
    - 70 pound dumb bells
    - 80 pound dumb bells.
- also, these ones after the above
    - 45 pound dumb bells
    - 55 pound dumb bells
    - 65 pound dumb bells
    - 75 pound dumb bells

Other things I kinda want;
batteries AAA/AA

Gift Cards