Pat's Gift List
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Items crossed out already purchased
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Last update June 12 2022
Sweatshirt - Size : LARGE, Blue or Gray.  Size medium for fitted shirts, T-shirts size LARGE.
Socks - Tight fitting, sweat wicking (no ankle socks) size 9 (Good Brand : Dry Wear at Marks Work Warehouse).  White. Ladies socks work best.

General Stuff in no particular order
Sunglasses like the ones I have in the car.  Visually similar to this, but with plain arms and gold tint.  Also, not this price.  :)
2023 Space/Hubble/Astronomy calendar with star scapes.
Dilbert Desk Calendar 2023

Power Up 3.0.
Plastic hood protector for 2017 Honda Accord - Something similar to this.  Honda sells it as well in their parts dept.
Wall adapter with 3 or 4 normal pugs and 2 usb ports for charging.  Saftey rated.
Mini folding reading glasses 1.5x Similar to this.
Simple Guitar Stand - Like this one from Long and Mcquade
Metal Ice Cubes (8 or more) - Something similar to these
Large Bean Bag for bedroom gaming.  I'm in a rocking chair which is quite uncomfortable right now.
Tripod for camera phone with bluetooth remote.  Top should be removable to mount on existing SLR tripod top.  Something similar to this.

Soft cover only - Peter F. Hamilton - The Saints of Salvation (Book 3 in the salvation series) possibly not out yet
Soft cover only - Firefly - "Life Signs"  (I already have "The Ghost Machine", "The Magnificent Nine",Big Damn Hero",
Soft cover only - Caleb Scharf - The Zoomable Universe: An Epic Tour Through Cosmic Scale, from Almost Everything to Nearly Nothing

Board Games Very Much Interested in (somewhat ordered)...
Loony Quest

PS4 Games (disk only) (not PS5)
(somewhat ordered)
Horizon Zero Dawn 2 - Horizon Forbidden West  (may no yet be available in 2021 - I have HZD1)
Dying Light 2 - Stay Human (we have DL1)
Alan Wake Remastered
Psychonauts 2 (available August 23rd, 2021 - unfortunately, only currently available on sony playstation store)

Music -
Joe Satriani CD - The Elephants of Mars Amazon
Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2 (It comes in one package)

Movies - Blue Ray only in no particular order
Matrix Resurections
Morbius (MCU)
Shang Chi (MCU)
Eternals (MCU)
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of  Madness (MCU)

Other board games interested in, in no particular order…
Colt Express
Court of the Medici
Santa Maria
The New Science
Wizard's Brew
See here for my complete wish list. (some purchased - use for pictures/prices only)

Three good sources for games -
1) BoardGameBliss, 245 West Beaver Creek Rd Unit 5, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1L1
2) 401 Games, 518 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4Y 1X9 T: (416) 599-6446.  Located on Yonge between Wellesly and Carlton.

House Stuff

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